"We at Roof Repair Specialist appreciate your consideration for your roofing needs."

We know how hard it can be to find a good and reliable contractor. We also know that, given the opportunity, we will not only win over your business, but your trust and friendship as well. Our clients have been relying on us to provide answers, honesty, and the highest quality professional services over the years. Our experience has shown us that honesty, timeliness and good workmanship keeps our customers satisfied.  In every case we strive to exceed our client’s expectations so their investment is protected in the long run. Owning a roofing company carries a lot of responsibility, which we take seriously in our effort to provide only the best materials and services possible. Our commitment to quality comes first and foremost from our commitment to the wellbeing of every client.

Roof Repair Tips

1 Know the contractor’s policy.

For any contractor you are thinking of hiring, make sure to review the warranty policy in case the repair job is faulty. A good contractor will have a clearly written and understandable warranty policy. If they can’t show proof of insurance or licensure, they probably do not have it andtherefore it would be wise to keep looking for another contractor.


Our family-owned business has experienced growth despite increased competition and a struggling economy because we provide the best customer service possible for our clients. We focus on comfort and ease when dealing with customers so that everyone is happy and sees eye-to-eye. We think of our clients’ homes as our own, and want them to know how grateful we are for their business. 


Our company provides top-of-the-line roofing repair services, as well as free inspections and preventative maintenance. We have years of experience in every kind of roofing surface, from residential to commercial